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Molding Plaster


Molding Plaster “The Pyramid”



Casting products for cast and molded parts for molds in the ceramics industry. It can be use also in repair or decoration.



Special property

  1. It can be required setting time for demould. According to customer needs accurately.
  2. Simple mixture be used immediately. Without mixing with other materials.
  3. Quality remains unchanged. Compared to the same type.
  4. มาก Excellent durability and strength.
  5. Long working time but fast final setting time. Compared to the same type.
  6. Save time applications.


Consumption:                   Depending on the size of the workpiece.

Packaging:                        25 Kgs.

stowage:                           Keep in the shade,Do not touch water or moisture.

Duration of storage:          8  Months



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