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Skimming Compound

Skimming Compound


Skimming Compound is White Cement-based compound, special polymers and additives. For filling and  Finishing coat suitable for applications of approx. 0.5 3.0 mm. thickness onto  traditional sand, Cementand vertical masonry or cast concrete surfaces, All surfaces should be dry and free from dust, grease and  any other foreign or loose material or contaminants must be roughened to assist adhesion.

   - Excellent strong adhesion.

   - Easy to mix and apply with high coverage.

   - Low shrinkage.


   - High crack resistance.


ApplicationFor exterior and interior

   First coat:

   - Apply first layer as a complete covering of the wall surface, control thickness to about 0.5- 3.0 mm.

   - Leave it to set. Use a clean flat trowel to smooth a final finish.

   - After it has set, When completely dry, smooth the joints where necessary with 120-grit sandpaper.


   - Normally ready for painting.

 Storage: Keep in a dry location and do not expose to direct sunlight.

      Store bags flat on a plaster sheet or a pallet to avoid damp penetrating the product.