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Gypsum Jointing Plaster “ The Pyramid ”

 Plaster products for jointing wall and ceiling on plaster board and fiber cement board.

  (Interior use only)


   Gypsum Jointing Plaster “ The Pyramid ”


     Jointing Compound is general composition of hemihydrate plaster and limestone .

For drywall and ceiling jointing especially designed to facilitate jointing in one day.

For gypsum board joints filling and finishing, tape embedding cover nail and screw,

Repairing crack surface.


Application:  For interior use only.

      First Coat: Apply compound to recess edges evenly. Using jointing tap, apply and bed in

     evenly along joints. Compound should be allowed to dry and harden before receiving a finish

     coat (Approximately 3 hours)

     Finish Coat: Apply compound to all initially coated surfaces evenly. Compound should be

            Allowed to dry thoroughly sanding.

      Storage: Keep in a dry location and do not expose to direct sunlight.

              Store bags flat on a plaster sheet or a pallet to avoid damp penetrating the product.

Consumption:                   Active area/Bag 60-70 Sq.M.

Packaging:                        25 Kgs.

Stowage:                           Keep in the shade,Do not touch water or moisture.

Duration of storage:          8  Months

                                        (Interior use only)




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