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Bonding Compound

 Bonding Compound


    Cornice Adhesive is general composition of natural gypsum plaster, limestone and additives. Cornice Adhesive product is for fixing plasterboard cornice, ornamental and Fibrous plaster cornice to plasterboard sheeting, Fibre cement sheeting and masonry walls.


 Application:  For interior use only.

    Apply a continuous 10 mm. to 15 mm. bead along the back edges of cornice.                   Press cornice firmly into position, remove any excess or protruding compound with a broad knife or similar. Cornice joints should be buttered with compound before jointing. When cornice is set in position clean with a lightly wet sponge any residue that may have been left on any surfaces.

   Note: Large cornices will need a thicker bead of compound.

 Storage: Keep in a dry location and do not expose to direct sunlight.

     Store bags flat on a plaster sheet or a pallet to avoid damp penetrating the product.

Consumption:                   According to the site.

Packaging:                        20 Kgs.

stowage:                           Keep in the shade,Do not touch water or moisture.

Duration of storage:          8  Months

                                         (Interior use only)


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