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 Current Siam gypsum solution company Limited remains committed to innovation and business development on a continuous plaster products. Our products can be divided into four main groups.

  1. Plaster products for jointing wall and ceiling on plaster board and fiber cement board. (Interior use only)
  2. Plaster products for finishing coat on wall and ceiling use on sand and cement or cast concrete surfaces, Paperless Gypsum, or Plaster glass Ceiling , Gypsum Fiber Board and lightweight wall. (Interior use only)
  3. Products for the gypsum. The bare plaster walls, ceiling cornice dome or any product you want. Durability and strength. Immediately without mixing with other materials. High adhesion is excellent. Compared to other types of cement. Equal amounts of time. Only available in the building. (Interior use only)
  4. Casting products for the bare plaster cornice, ceiling, dome, wall or any product you want. Cast and molded parts for molds in the ceramics industry. It can be use also in repair or decoration.


In Thailand Siam gypsum solution company Limited had entered Thailand as part of the construction industry and abroad. And a leader in the manufacture and sale of pre- mixed plaster products feature.


In 2005 the company was founded. These operations include the production and distribution of feature plaster products for construction industry brand “PYRAMID”


The company is proud to have participated in the introduction. And knowledge about the product quality features such as plaster for plastering the wall and ceiling joints  for cement plaster wall and ceiling. Adhesive plaster for the adhering plaster cornice etc.


In 2009, The company increased production and distribution of products for casting and molding plaster.


Siam gypsum solution company limited is committed to the implementation of the vision of the business.

  1. Working together as a team.
  2. Provide full service.
  3. Adhering to all safety procedures.
  4. Research and develop new products unceasingly.


This is to support and develop the construction industry of Thailand continues forever.